Kombo - Gamers United

The kombination of 2 great gaming and geek culture merchandise companies, Kombo aims to be the ultimate looting experience for gamers.

Whether it is via our online platform, the gaming conventions and other physical locations where we are present, our goal is to make you, the gamer, feel like you just found the greatest loot cave you’ll ever encounter.

Kombo offers only the latest and greatest in gaming merchandise on an efficient store that delivers in every way. Our team of gamers spends a lot of time finding the rare, awesome, best quality items that we all crave to get our little hands on.

Our dream however, is to go beyond that by providing you with an ever-evolving platform that will allow you to interact with our team in various ways, by understanding how our process works, by telling us what items you want us to create, and ultimately, by creating your own officially licensed merchandise someday.

Because we believe that to create what gamers want, we need to let gamers create. Gamers, unite!

Fellow gamers, thanks for your time and we hope you enjoy the Kombo experience!

The Kombo Monkeys